Every Life Needs Music!

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In one tiny seed there are many trees and thousands of  fruits...with seeds

(If only we would plant that one tiny seed!)

Remmy’s Piano Service Inc.

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The piano is a complex musical instrument that uses mechanisms not found in any other device. It is the only instrument that has hammers that strike strings and rebound away from them, allowing the strings to vibrate and deliver glorious musical sounds. It is a delicate masterpiece.

At Remmy’s Piano Service Inc., we believe that a piano may be played upon with ease by the strongest or weakest of hand. It must allow the performer to impart to his/her execution every possible degree of light and shade, speak clearly and promptly, and should not impede rapidity of execution by requiring too great an effort. Each piano should have its own peculiar charm and harmonious sweetness.

Therefore, we have acquired specialized knowledge and use tools and techniques unique to the piano servicing field in order to restore the dignity enshrined in the name ‘pianoforte’ - soft and loud.

We have a team of highly skilled craftsmen in the field of piano tuning, servicing, and rebuilding. The tools and equipment we use are specifically designed for the piano field. We use computer technology when redesigning stringing scales. Attention is paid to every minute detail and we keep abreast with any changes made by manufactures over the years. We can handle any size of job on all makes and models on pianos. We also rebuild player pianos and currently doing studies concerning the installations of the modern Disc Player Piano.

All piano parts/materials used are of the highest quality and we buy directly from the manufactures. This translates into lower prices for you.

A Piano Is More Than A Sound Investment!