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In one tiny seed there are many trees and thousands of  fruits...with seeds

(If only we would plant that one tiny seed!)

Remmy’s Piano Service Inc.

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[Action Components] [Hammer Flange] [Support Flange] [Hammer] [Wippen Assembly]

HamFlgThe Hammer Flange serves as the support for the hammer which pivots on a Center Pin. The Hammer Flange is secured to the hammer rail with a screw and is held in position by the fluted edges along the rail. This design assures an absolutely stable pivot point for the hammer.

The Let off Screw is screwed into the Regulating Rail and as you can see in the animation above, blocks the bottom half of the jack (shown later) as it moves upward so that it has to pivot out from under the knuckle (shown later).

A Piano Is More Than A Sound Investment!