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In one tiny seed there are many trees and thousands of  fruits...with seeds

(If only we would plant that one tiny seed!)

Remmy’s Piano Service Inc.

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An investment is a possession acquired for future benefit, with the expectation it will increase in value. Once you judge a piano from this perspective, the field is dramatically narrowed. You need to buy quality and the best you can afford at the time. Invest in a quality instrument and the return you enjoy in musical perfection is limitless. Its appreciation in monetary value, moreover, is not only predictable but very satisfying.

First, keep in mind that you will be listening to, and looking at, your piano for a long time. You will probably have it long after you have sold your present furniture, house and car. Pianos depreciate very little. A used piano 70 years old that has been recently restored and well maintained can cost almost as much as a comparable new piano.  So buy the best piano you can afford. Especially, don't try to economize on a piano for a child who's starting lessons. Making good music on a quality instrument is the best way to keep a young pianist interested.

Most problems encountered in purchasing a used piano occur when buying from a private party. The cabinet may look okay, but how are the internal mechanisms? How will you move it? How long has it been since it was tuned? Too many times a piano is damaged by inexperienced movers without proper equipment, and for every great deal, 100 lemons are bought!

We at Remmy’s Piano Service Inc. thoroughly inspect the entire instrument, restoring it to proper playing condition. The piano is tuned in the shop and the consumer receives a free in-home tuning after delivery as well.

Old Piano

New Piano

Made of Solid Wood

Not all! Many are made of MDF or Particle Board

Exquisite veneers, leg styles, carved cases

Most are plane in Style

Wood is already seasoned

Wood still has to go through settling process

Many old pianos carry Ivory and Ebony Keys

Plastic White and Black keys

No plastic parts on the internal mechanism

Many have plastic parts which dry rot over a short period of time.

A Piano Is More Than A Sound Investment!